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September 21, 2017


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Love country scenery like this! Thanks so much!

Kamila Work With Patches

Beautiful Christmas pattern. Thanks for sharing it and great RAL.
Greetings from Poland

James Lewis

Thank you for taking the time to create this gorgeous block for us


This is a lovely row =).


Your composition is lovely. My favorite part are the houses and the way the words curve.

Janet P.

Thanks for the memories of this song! Lovely row and the details add so much!

Vivian Oaks

Thanks for your cute Row-Along!! Putting letters on the block is something I haven't done before, so this block has something new for me to learn! Thanks!!!

Mary Lou Benoit

This is The Best row


This is a great row, I love it! I love scenes the most! I enjoyed visiting all of the pages--great work by all!

Elizabeth Coughlin

Charming row! I especially love the houses and trees.

Sandy Allen

Love your row. It would be so pretty as a wall hanging or table runner, too!

Susan L.

Love your row! Thanks so much for the pattern!

Lisa Long

Your row is and beautiful! Thank you!


Lovely Row!

Allison Evrard

This was one of the first Christmas songs I learned to play on the piano umpteen years ago. Thank you for sharing your excellent pattern.

Joyce Carter

Your row is very beautiful! I love it. Thank you so much for sharing.

Jackie Hale

Love your row!

Dawn F.

Cute! I love your pattern!

Jayne Dough

Beautiful patter! Thank you for sharing.

Bonnie Larson

Gorgeous row. Thanks so much for sharing

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