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October 05, 2016


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Miss Loreen's Schoolhouse

Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for all of your kind comments. For those of you who have trouble downloading the pattern, I have re-uploaded it to Craftsy and I have done a quick post at the top of my blog with a link that should take you directly to my pattern. If someone uses that link, please leave a comment on that post so everyone will know it works! Thanks again to all of you,


I'm a camper and my goal is to go all over the US. It's nice to see so many rows with campers.

Miss Loreen's Schoolhouse

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Thanks Monica. Hope you make it to New Hampshire some time.
It’s a great place for camping!

Sandy Wootten

Great row. Thank you so much

Lois Wright

Spent some time in NH last fall. enjoyed traveling around the state. Your block is a nice reminder.


What a great row! Love all the detail. Thanks for sharing and walking is through the process.

Thanks for a chance to win.



I love your row. Very nice and creative.


Beautiful; you place so many details into your row. I, too, lived for a short time in a warmer climate area and missed the change of the seasons. Thank you for the pattern.


Hi, Ms. Loreen! Thank you for your block and sharing your ideas for machine applique'. That's so sad to learn that the old man's face is gone, that is such an icon - I remember it on the New Hampshire quarter years ago when they minted quarters for all the states. Thanks for the free pattern, looks like a wonderful place to come and visit.

Rachell Reilly

i don't think i could live without mountains and seasons, either! I live in Utah and i can drive 5 minutes and be up a canyon in the mountains!
thanks for a beautiful mountain row!

Carol S.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful row!

Beth T.

Thank you for your very thorough tutorial. I haven't had the opportunity to look at your YouTube channel yet, but I imagine you are a wonderful teacher--you seem very patient.

Laurie Weimar

Thanks for re-uploading to Craftsy. It works great now. Thanks again.

Nicole Sender

Great row! Your tutorial was very helpful!

Miss Loreen's Schoolhouse

I have placed a link directly to the pattern pdf if you are having trouble downloading with Craftsy. Hope this helps out!
Sorry for any trouble anyone has had downloading the pattern.


Miss Loreen's Schoolhouse

Thanks Patty.

Miss Loreen's Schoolhouse

Hope you make it back some time Susan.

Miss Loreen's Schoolhouse

HI KJ. Check the new link I've placed on the top of my blog. You shouldn't have any problem. Sorry for the problems with Craftsy.

Miss Loreen's Schoolhouse

Thanks Anna. Glad you like it!

Miss Loreen's Schoolhouse

Hi Mary. Check the new link I've placed on the top of my blog. You shouldn't have any problem. Sorry for the problems with Craftsy.

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